County stormwater runoff mitigation project

ARRA CCD Urban Stormwater Management

Professional Award

K-State Ecoreps Impact Award

Contract Value

approx. $650,000 + $110,000 cost share

Grant for Green Infrastructure

On behalf of and while employed at KSU, Dea Brokesh received $583,000 in grant funds through the Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund for design and construction of innovative green infrastructure technologies.

These components include:

  • Porous paving technologies at 34 car parking and sidewalks
  • Bioretention cells temporarily hold stormwater, reduce runoff, and provide aquifer recharge
  • Water harvesting in 26,000 gallon underground cistern
  • Reuse of rain water as landscape irrigation
  • Woodland restoration

Innovative Stormwater Management

The project mitigates stormwater runoff on an 8-acre site. It showcases multiple green infrastructure technologies first of their kind to be installed in a multi-county area. Brokesh and staff prepared design and construction documents for the landscape/ irrigation portions of the work, provided concept plans and specifications for green infrastructure components, administered consultant and contractor contracts, and prepared and provided State and Federal agency reports.

ARRA CCD Urban Stormwater Management 2

ARRA CCD Urban Stormwater Management 3